If you'd like information about exhibiting work from nanobliss, please write to John Hart at john@nanobliss.com.
Print and Electronic Media
K Magazine, 2007
Self-organized carbon nanotube and silicon structures from Nanobliss are featured in K Magazine (Moscow, Russia, http://afisha.ru), June 11, 2007, p. 6-7. The nanobliss work is presented along with paper sculptures by Richard Sweeney (Manchester, UK), demonstrating scale-independent similarities in geometry and form.
See the article (translation welcome!)



"Accidental Landscapes", SEED Magazine, 2007
Silicon structures formed by rapid solidification of a molten silicon wafer platform are featured in SEED Magazine (http://www.seedmagazine.com), March 2007, p. 14, 32, 38, 86, 94. "The best pictures usually come from flawed reaction conditions."
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"Miniature Masterpieces", PC Magazine, 2007
Growth of carbon nanotube structures is presented as "a way to create sculptures on the atomic scale" in PC Magazine (http://www.pcmag.com), March 6, 2007, p. 19. John says "artistic endeavors can enhance the presentation and visualization of science, and ...laboratory techniques such as fabrication and self-assembly can be a new art form."
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Playboy Magazine (USA and Serbia), 2007
John's microstructures of carbon nanotubes in the shape of the famous logo are published in Playboy. The structures are "swizzle sticks for your microscopic drink". The image is accompanied by a letter to the editor in the US edition (February 2007, p. 12), and is a short feature in the Serbia edition (April 2007, p. 12). More SEM images of the rabbit heads are in the logos and impressions section of Nanobliss.
See the articles: USA, Serbia

"Micro Visions", Orange County Register, 2007
Images from nanobliss are featured in the April 10, 2007 issue of the Orange County Register (http://www.ocregister.com). The article by Colin Stewart presents examples of how artistic images emerge alongside development of micro- and nanoscale technologies. Colin also made a short video which shows a series of images. "Beauty is a byproduct of microfabrication research."
See the article and video
"Needlework", American Scientist, 2006
The combined techniques of carbon nanotube growth, electron imaging, and digital image stitching are discussed by Felice Frankel in her "Sightings" column in American Scientist, January-February 2006, p. 66-7. See the next entry for more on the Seed pattern and the fabrication process.
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Journal of Physical Chemistry, 2006
The carbon nanotube "Seed of Life" landscape created in collaboration with Ryan Wartena, Felice Frankel, and Michael Cohen, is on the cover of the Journal of Physical Chemistry B (http://pubs.acs.org/jpcb), April 27, 2006. The cover highlights an article on the process for rapid growth of carbon nanotube structures, which was developed by John Hart during his doctoral research at MIT. Further details of the process are written in the techniques section of Nanobliss, and in an extended abstract of John's Ph.D. thesis.
See the article along with the cover feature
Other Features and Media Coverage
Segment in BBC documentary "Visions of The Future: The Quantum Revolution", 2007
Cover of MIT Graduate Student News, February-March 2007
Spotlight on MIT homepage (http://www.mit.edu), February 23, 2007
MIT Alumni Association OpenDOOR feature on Class of 2006
Chapter 8 of John Hart's Ph.D. thesis, August 2006
Displays and Lectures

Exhibit of nanobliss images at NT07 (8th International Conference on the Science and Applications of Nanotubes) in Ouro Preto, Brazil, June 2007. See pictures of the exhibition.
"Nanobliss: Creating and Imaging Microscopic Landscapes of Carbon and Silicon", Boston University Fine Arts Lecture Series, April 17, 2007. Here's a .pdf of John's lecture.
Growing Architecture: Initial Experiments”, exhibit at Art Interactive in Cambridge, MA and Jewett Arts Center Gallery in Wellesley, MA, February–March 2006, as part of CollisionCollective C9 show. See pictures of the exhibition, and the poster for the C9 show. The exhibit was created by John Hart, Ryan Wartena, Ammon Embry-Pelrine, and Elizabeth Marley. The exhibits were reviewed at http://blogs.wbur.org/arts/?p=240.
"Growing the Green Fields", entry in the Materials Research Science as Art Competition, San Fransisco, CA, March 2006.
"Painting the Desertlands", finalist in the Materials Research Science as Art Competition, San Francisco, CA, March 2005.


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